Safe and Sustainable Patient and Resident Meal Delivery

Safe and Sustainable Patient and Resident Meal Delivery

Sanitation, food safety, and burn prevention have always been essential when it comes to protecting patients and residents, but with today’s stepped-up foodservice safety protocols, sustainability often takes a backseat. It doesn’t have to. Thanks to clever engineering and innovative product enhancements, safety and sustainability can now walk hand-in-hand to give us the best of both worlds.

Clean = Safe

When sourcing tray top ware, an NSF listing is more critical now than ever since it provides assurance that the National Sanitation Foundation has tested the product to ensure it can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with nowhere for bacteria or viruses to hide. Both the Shoreline and Harbor collections by Cambro are NSF listed and backed by a 3-year prorated warranty, so not only can they be trusted to remain hygienic wash after wash, they can also be trusted to remain in good condition.

While disposable sip lids on mugs and slotted lids on tumblers are disposable, they create significantly less waste than single serve beverage containers such as those used for milk, juice, and soft drinks. This one adjustment can significantly reduce the waste stream immediately while enabling the facility to save on beverage costs and qualify for free mugs and tumblers from Cambro. More on that later.

A Safer, Smarter Thermal Pellet

A best practice to support safe, hot food temperatures is using a combination of an insulated dome, heated plate, and a thermal pellet or base. Since the edge of thermal pellets is typically exposed during service, the material of the pellet or base is an important consideration. Why? Composite thermal pellets such as Cambro’s Camtherm pellet are 20° degrees cooler around the edges than their traditional metal counterparts because they hold heat at their core rather than conducting it outward where it may burn sensitive wrists or hands. This thermal property makes them much safer for patients, residents, and staff who come into contact with them.

Nothing to Cover Up Here!

There was a time in the recent past that paper tray mats were the only way to brighten up (or cover up) a tray, especially one that was looking worse for wear. Thankfully now there are a variety of attractive, non-skid trays that eliminate the need for tray mats by holding tray top items in place on hygienic NSF listed trays with a built-in non-skid surface.

From the sleek and durable Camwear Non-skid tray to the granite look of the Non-skid Versa Tray to the naturally gorgeous wood look of D├ęcor Series Epictread™ trays, dishwasher-safe options abound to create a great-looking, sanitary tray that reduces waste. Check out Cambro’s handy tray calculator to see how much you can save by switching from tray mats to non-skid trays. It will blow your mind!

The Bottom Line

Cambro gives away free ware to customers who use corresponding Cambro disposable lids, meaning you may be able to get mugs, bowls, and tumblers for FREE. With two contemporary collections, Harbor and Shoreline, both available in a wide variety of popular colors and tumblers in a wide variety of styles, you can create a great-looking tray top that protects hygiene while limiting waste. Give us a call to learn more about this money-saving program.

Whatever your current safety and sustainability needs or goals, we are equipped and ready to help you make it happen. Contact us


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