Traytop Tips to Boost Morale

Traytop Tips to Give Spirits a Lift

Looking for ways to make mealtime a highlight of the day for your patients or residents and more rewarding for hard-working staff? Visual appeal, food quality, and proper temperatures all contribute to the formula for a morale-boosting meal. 

Making it Look Special

The old saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” may have some truth to it, but if a traytop doesn’t look enticing, enthusiasm and appetite won’t be as high. Colorful, coordinated ware showcases the food and underscores the care put into meal preparation and presentation. Equally colorful menu items provide nutritional value paired with high visual appeal. Working with monochromatic, bland diets? A vibrantly colored or seasonal-designed napkin is a thoughtful way to spruce them up.

Keeping Hot Foods Hot and Cold Foods Cold

Keeping hot and cold foods separated on the tray reduces the impact they have on each other’s temperature. Make use of different sizes of covered, insulated bowls, which are especially effective at holding cold foods such as salads, fruit, and desserts away from hot entrees. Tight-sealing disposable lids also help retain temperatures. Cambro insulated bowls and mugs are NSF listed and dishwasher safe, so they are easy to keep hygienic, which is more important now than ever.

The secret to holding hot entrees hot is to plate them on a hot plate (on an underliner or base) and cover with an insulated dome. Plate underliners provide passive insulation for short delivery times, but for delivery times beyond 20 minutes, an additional heat source such as a thermal pellet or base is needed to ensure proper temperatures to protect food safety and quality. Cambro offers the Camtherm Pellet System and Camduction Complete Heat System, both of which feature dishwasher safe pellets or bases and are well documented solutions for improving patient and resident satisfaction.

Stimulating Appetite with a “Home” Plate

Not only does the plate play an important functional role in temperature maintenance, but plate color has been found to stimulate appetite. Studies have shown that strong contrast between the food and the plate color enhances visibility and entices seniors to eat more to get the calories they need. Cambro’s classic white ceramic ware or Tuxton’s Nevada ceramic ware in cayenne are durable choices that create a homestyle or restaurant feel while supporting proper serving temperatures and promoting a healthy appetite.

A Lift for the Budget

Cambro gives away free mugs and bowls to customers who use Cambro disposable lids, meaning you may be able to get new mugs, bowls, and even tumblers for FREE. With two contemporary collections, Harbor and Shoreline, both available in a wide variety of popular colors, you can create a great-looking tray top that staff will be proud to serve and residents and patients will be pleased to receive.

Minor changes can make a big difference to the impact mealtime has on both patients or residents and staff. Whether you’re looking to make small adjustments or develop a whole new system, we’d love to help you implement cost-effective solutions that improve morale and make you look good. Contact us


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