Cashing in on the Love of Coffee

Morning. Noon. Night. We love our coffee in all its forms: hot, cold, with cream and sugar, or in a specialty drink, this ever-popular beverage has no seasonality and is in demand ALL day long.

After months of takeout and dining at home, consumers are chomping at the bit to get out and enjoy immersive experiences again. Among those experiences will be the renewed joy of lingering after a wonderful meal (prepared by someone else) with great company and a delicious coffee—or simply enjoying a decadent coffee drink while reconnecting with a friend or colleague.

Consumers are willing to pay a lot more for an espresso, latte, cappuccino, or cold brew coffee than they would for a regular cup, which presents an opportunity to increase beverage revenue at a time when it’s needed most. The higher price tag of specialty coffees paired with only a slightly higher cost of goods can yield 10-15% higher profits than a regular cup of drip coffee.

But don’t you need a barista to make specialty coffees? Not anymore. We now have some remarkable equipment that will enable your existing staff to work coffee magic.

Crem Unity+ is a fully automatic coffee machine that yields barista-quality drinks at the push of a button, so the staff you already have can learn to use it with minimal training. With a little suggestive selling to upsell to a specialty coffee, that same staff has the power to increase revenue for your business.

Unity’s coffee menu comes with a wide range of taste-optimized recipes, everything from a powerful espresso to a perfectly rounded filter coffee. Watch a demonstration here.

For cold brew fans, Multiplex has developed an equally convenient way to make velvety smooth, nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee. Now you can cash in on this wildly-popular beverage trend that commands a high price point—without a single scientist or barista on staff!

The Multiplex line of N2 products has streamlined and perfected a once-complicated and scientific brewing method into a single, compact, hygienic piece of mobile equipment. Each N2Mobile unit holds one 3-gallon keg (sold separately). Two separate taps dispense cold brew coffee and nitrogen infused cold brew coffee. Three industrial ice packs are included with the unit, so no electricity is needed.

The love of coffee is timeless and spans generations. With such a large audience and all-day, all-year popularity, specialty coffee is a safe bet for virtually any menu.  

If you’re looking for a new way to brew up additional, ongoing profits, contact us. We can help you get set up!


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