Day-brightening Ideas for Healthcare Foodservice

This cheery tray top features colorful foods showcased by Cambro insulated ware, swirl bowl and Lido Tumbler.

With the power to strengthen the body, improve mental clarity, and promote healing, food is medicine in its own right. The way it’s prepared and presented gives it the ability to also feed the soul. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to spread a little meal and snack-time sunshine around your healthcare facility.

Give staff and visitors a positive, low-stress way to refuel with colorful grab-and-go snack, beverage, and meal offerings.

Rush University Medical Center
Easy access to healthy, energizing foods is just what the doctor ordered for busy staff. Mobile vending carts are the perfect way to utilize available space and reduce café congestion and wait times. 

Earlier this year, Rush University Medical Center in Chicago implemented a mobile cart program with a Cambro Mobile Vending Cart to merchandise a core menu and weekly rotating hot and cold entrees. 

This program has been so successful that it paid for itself in the first 6 months and was awarded the 2021 Food Management Best Concept Award in the Best Customer Service category. To get the full story, click here.

Give spirits a lift and stimulate the appetite with colorful tray tops that are a feast for the eyes.

Neutral colors may go with everything, but they don’t necessarily spark joy. With a pop of color, you can complement your branding colors, give your design a local flavor, or just brighten things up by mixing and matching traytop ware and trays to get the look and mood lift you’re going for.

Cambro offers two contemporary, NSF-listed collections of insulated traytop ware, Harbor and Shoreline. Both collections are available in a wide variety of popular colors to help you create a cheerful, coordinated tray top. Camtrays with handles are offered in a wide array of bright and neutral colors.

To learn more about how to get free NSF-listed insulated mugs, bowls and even tumblers from Cambro, contact us for full program details.

Give them the hotel room service treatment with trays that are easy to handle.

Handles on trays add a touch of hotel style and ease of handling all at the same time. These special trays were designed to elevate service by looking the part and still fitting in your cart. 

Cambro offers handled healthcare trays in popular 14" x 18" and 15" x 20" sizes, with a non-skid or smooth surface, and a wide variety of colors. All are commercial dishwasher safe and NSF listed, which sets them apart from many hand wash-only hotel room service trays.

Promote healthy hydration with self-measuring tumblers.

A shatter-free alternative to glass, Lido 6-ounce and 9-ounce tumblers by Cambro are the ideal height to fit into standard-spaced tray delivery carts. With subtle 2 ounce graduation markings from the top down, they help staff quickly measure liquid intake at a glance, making it easier to support proper hydration. 

Equipped with an internal stacking ring to promote stable, hygienic storage between use, these NSF-listed tumblers fit optional, tight-fitting disposable Camlids for protection against spills.

Help more residents drink independently.

Speaking of lids, preventing spills tops the list of their many functions. Not only is this a huge plus for neatly transporting beverages on trays from the kitchen, but a snug-fitting disposable sip lid can also make it possible for some residents to hold and sip from a cup on their own, a real confidence booster. 

To see the many ways that lids can help your operation, see Topping Off Your Tray Top: Lid or Film?

Comforting hot meals and refreshingly chilled sides, salads, and desserts tap into positive feelings of contentment and nostalgia.

When food is held or transported for 20 minutes or more, an active source of heat or cold helps keep it safe and enjoyable.

For hot foods, the Camduction Complete Heat System heats up to 20 Camduction bases at once in 4-6 minutes. To maintain a food temperature of 140˚F or higher for up to an hour, place hot food on a heated 9" ceramic plate on a corresponding Camduction Base and cover with an insulated dome.

For cold foods, the Air Curtain Ultra by Cambro provides a convenient way to stage and access cold sides, desserts, drinks, or salads during tray assembly without risking temperature issues. This insulated, mobile cabinet uses multi-directional cold air flow to maintain cabinet temperatures of 41˚F or below for 2 hours with the door open. 

Perfect for entrée salads, the Camchiller Pellet (not shown) holds a 9" plate to keep cold food at or below 40˚F for up to 45 minutes when used with a chilled plate and insulated dome.

To learn ore about maintaining food safety and quality, see our Guide to Improving Healthcare Meal Delivery Temperatures.

Keep the halls peaceful with quiet meal delivery carts.

Whether your residents or patients choose to take meals inside their rooms, dine in their doorways for a socially-distanced version of communal dining, or are resting at mealtime, carts that don’t create a racket will be appreciated by all. 

A quiet, Cambro Dual Access Meal Delivery Cart is the ideal way to serve efficiently from both sides without disturbing the peace. The perfect height for easy maneuvering, this easy-to-clean cart holds ten 15" x 20" trays, making it ideal for smaller facilities, room-service operations, and late tray service.  

Whatever your goals—improving the dining experience, serving at optimal temperatures, increasing speed of service, enhancing safety, reducing costs, you name it—we’re here to help. Contact us.


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