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Smooth Spoonfuls: Appealing Ways to Accommodate Dysphagia

Approximately 9 million Americans have trouble swallowing foods that are heavily textured or are of mixed consistencies.  This condition is known as dysphagia, and it can make safely enjoying food and getting proper nutrition difficult for those who have it. Dysphagia is most common in older adults and is usually caused by another health condition, ranging from acid reflux to neurological disorders.  It’s estimated that at least 20% of seniors have varying degrees of difficulty swallowing food.  Many of those affected by the condition are still active, living independently, and even dining out. In other words, dysphagia-friendly food is not just a healthcare matter. As our population continues to age, accommodating dysphagia is becoming increasingly important in both noncommercial and commercial foodservice. Contrary to popular belief, foods that are blended, pureed, or ground can be appetizing and delicious. It just takes quality equipment and a fresh approach to presentation. W

Keep Food Hot Without Sacrificing Quality

It’s happened to us all. You were dining out, anywhere from a restaurant or buffet to a catered event, and you ran into a food that was woefully overcooked. Rubbery chicken, gray steaks, biscuits hard as hockey pucks, and mushy foods often trace back to one thing: improper holding. When managed correctly, hot holding is a powerful tool for foodservice operators. Preparing food ahead of time for serving during busy periods is smart. It makes efficient use of available labor, simplifies workflows, and improves service. How do you ensure that proper temperature is maintained at all times, food remains safe to eat, and the quality is up to your standards? How hot is too hot? According to USDA and food safety experts, bacteria multiply the fastest in foods between 40° and 140°F (aka the Danger Zone), doubling in as little as 20 minutes. For hot foods, a holding temperature range of 150-190°F is a safe bet. It’s hot enough to keep food safely above 140°F, but not so hot that it wil

Make Your Breakfast Menu the Talk of the Town

There are so many reasons to go out for breakfast or brunch, especially now…catching up with a friend, birthdays, meetings, wedding showers, after church, or just because. Breakfast basics like bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast are all important menu foundations, but what does it take to be the breakfast spot that everyone is talking about? Here are a few ideas to differentiate your menu with specialties most customers can’t make at home and will love showing off on social media. Serve the Unexpected Waffles are so wonderful. A rich and fluffy inside surrounded by crispy, golden brown valleys flowing with delicious butter, syrup, or warm fruit compote can tempt even the savory breakfast crowd.  Topped with decadent nuts, berries, whipped cream, and powdered sugar, they’re a sweet breakfast lover’s dream. Why not treat your waffle aficionados to an unexpected and whimsical waffle experience with bubble waffles? The Hatco/Krampouz KWM18-BU Electric Bubble Waffle Maker is the

Are your warewashing racks helping or hurting your business?

Poor warewashing racks.  They have a dirty job, and they’re not very exciting. It’s easy for them to be an afterthought borne out of necessity.  But those boring warewashing racks may actually be causing trouble in your kitchen, the kind of excitement you don’t want... Here’s a short “quiz” to see if your warewashing racks with open outer walls are secretly hurting your business: Do your staff wrap racks in plastic or vinyl covers? Do staff need to polish or re-wash glasses before use? Have any of your employees gotten cut by a broken glass in a rack? Is it difficult to take accurate inventory of glassware? Do you replace glassware more often than you think you should? Has a customer or health inspector ever complained about glassware cleanliness or where it was stored? If you said “yes” to any of the above questions, read on to see how the right warewashing racks can help your business in unexpected ways. From neighborhood bars and restaurants to large hotels and convention