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Does Your Hot Water Need a Boost?

For those of us who usually try to keep ourselves out of hot water, it’s starting to sound like a good idea after last week’s big chill! Frigid weather notwithstanding, having hot enough water in our kitchens has become more important than ever to protect our staff and patrons from dangerous pathogens.   Commercial water heaters top out at an average of 130°F to prevent scalding, which is a good thing, but ware washing is another story. According to NSF, water temperatures of 180°F are needed to effectively clean and destroy bacteria and harmful microorganisms that can end up on dirty dishes, utensils, and other kitchen wares. Many high temperature dishwashers don’t have the power to bridge that critical 50+ degree gap. Does yours? If it doesn’t, a booster water heater might be the most cost-effective way to ensure your wares are fully sanitized by your ware washing process. Hatco dishwasher water heater boosters connect with any dishwasher (low or high temp) to provide the 180°F fin

Buy any Cambro Meal Delivery Cart and Get FREE Food Storage Products!

FREE Storage Essentials with any Cambro Meal Delivery Cart Purchase! Buy any Cambro Meal Delivery Cart from now until April 30, 2021, and you’ll receive a free case of 8 Quart Translucent CamSquare Food Storage Containers with matching covers AND a roll of 250 dissolvable StoreSafe Food Rotation labels! Cambro Meal Delivery Carts are: Ideal for acute and long-term care meal tray delivery. Durable and easy to keep clean and hygienic. Built to provide quiet meal delivery to minimize disruption. Vented to help maintain hot and cold food temperatures in the same cart. Available in 10, 16, 20, and 30 tray capacities for both 14" x 18" and 15" x 20" trays. Dual-access 10-tray cart is offered for 15" x 20" trays only. Visit  to redeem this special offer.  To maximize temperature retention in both hot and cold foods, use with Cambro insulated meal delivery ware. With two contemporary collections, Harbor and Shoreline, both available

New Foodservice Equipment You May Have Missed in 2020

While you’ve been hard at work in the kitchen, our manufacturers have been hard at work cooking up new products to help you jump on new trends and opportunities. Superior functionality, style, safety, or all of the above, these new creations and innovations offer a lot to love. Cambro Pan Trolley Camshelving® GN 1/1and GN 2/1 Food Pan Trolleys offer a fresh, quieter, and user-friendly take on the traditional food pan trolley. Constructed with state-of-the-art composite material that’s stronger than steel, but without the unreliable metal weld points, rust, and corrosion, the Cambro composite trolley performs consistently in the most demanding kitchens. Its sleek design presents well for front or back of house pan transport. The wide 3" rail spacing offers the greatest versatility and ease of use, with 0.12" pan stops at each end of the rails to provide stability. The Garland XHP Broiler ™ The XHP Broiler is revolutionizing the industry through high power output an

Indoor BBQ Equipment for Smokin' Success

What would we do without BBQ? Not only is it delicious, but it seems to have a magical ability to bring joy, comfort, and strength, all at the same time. Whether the intoxicating aroma of smoked and grilled foods taps into our primal instincts or simply brings back great memories, the fact is that most people love BBQ, making it a popular choice anywhere from schools to senior living facilities, quick serve to fine dining restaurants, and everything in between. If you don’t currently have the right equipment for BBQ or you don’t think you have the space for it, you may be surprised. Whether you’d like to serve smoked flavor, but without the smoke, or want to create atmosphere and an experience with authentic fiery flair, here are some of our favorite pieces of equipment that were designed to do just that. Better still, they give you the freedom to prepare great barbecue indoors. You read that right: indoors. Almost sounds illegal, but it’s not. Read on for the juicy details. "

Hot Technique: Sous Vide Cooking

Sometimes getting into a little hot water is a good thing! Recently identified as a top food trend in an FE&S article featuring Karen Malody, founder and president of Culinary Options LLC, sous vide is on track to make a big splash in 2021. A relatively young cooking technique invented in the early 1970’s, sous vide (French for “under vacuum”) was invented by two French chefs looking for a way to make roast beef more tender. Now re-surging in popularity, sous vide cooking is the process of cooking vacuum-sealed foods gradually in temperature-controlled water until the internal food temperature is the same as that of the water. Especially popular for cooking proteins such as steak, pork, chicken, and fish, the process allows flavors to be infused into food in a slow, low-maintenance cooking process that creates a consistently high quality product.  This process cannot be rushed, but it frees up your chef to do other important things at the same time.  Benefits of Sous Vide Cook