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School Foodservice Equipment to Support Remote Learning

If your school nutrition program has had to quickly adapt to supporting a remote learning model of any kind, odds are good you’ve been down this road before. Odds are also good that it was challenging and stressful. If you’re looking for ways to streamline your meal distribution process to make it easier this time, please keep reading. From brand new products, adaptations of existing models, and ways to re-purpose equipment you may already have, here are a few ideas to consider. Hand and Surface Sanitizing The new Mobile Handwash Station from Cambro provides completely touchless, sanitary hand washing without the need for plumbing or electrical hookups.  With a foot pump that activates the flow of water, the Mobile Handwash Station can provide approximately 200 hand washings per tank.  You can even add an optional personalized graphic on the front of the station. NewAge Industrial’s Foot-Activated Sanitation Stands  are 100% touchless. Hands-free operation protects against c

How to Serve Safely with Reusables

We’ve all learned to do a lot of things differently over the past two years. Some of those things—like washing our hands more frequently and thoroughly—are positive. But some of those things—like using tons more disposables—are not. Single-use containers were recommended early in the pandemic because at the time, they were considered to be the most convenient, sanitary option. After almost two years, the waste and cost have been massive, while the convenience factor has faded. Disposable containers constantly need to be replenished and can be hard to get your hands on with current supply chain disruptions. They consume large amounts of storage space, rack up hefty disposal fees when used on-premise, and are a turn-off to environmentally-conscious consumers. The good news is that it’s been proven that proper handling of reusables is just as safe as disposables, so current guidance from federal and local agencies now reflects this. Here’s how you can feel confident returning to s

5 Ways to Maintain Consistent Food Quality

Can you name one concept that benefits virtually every aspect of foodservice operations from inventory management, food and labor costs, quality, and customer satisfaction to waste management? Consistency. There’s a reason that this one word is the mantra of foodservice chains around the world and a New Year’s resolution for others. Like many concepts, it may be easy to sum up in a single word, but making it happen involves multiple steps. Tools that help standardize measurement and processes are essential to establishing and maintaining consistency, not to mention providing an invaluable reference for new trainees. Here are a few that make consistency an achievable goal. 1.  Mercer Rules by Mercer Culinary is a handy guide that helps kitchen staff properly size knife cuts, convert measurements, and store and cook foods at correct temperatures for safe serving.  This useful tool is made of durable stainless steel, has hanging holes for convenient storage, and is also available i