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Introducing the Hatco Flav-R 2-Go® Locker System

Contactless To-Go with  Hatco Flav-R 2-Go® Locker Systems In the foodservice and hospitality business, finding ways to minimize contact between people doesn’t come naturally to most of us. When the COVID-19 crisis struck, the great minds at Hatco rose to the challenge to help restaurants, markets, delis, universities, and a wide variety of other foodservice operators meet the new need to support safe social distancing to protect employees and customers alike. Now both commercial and noncommercial operators can handle third-party delivery and to-go orders with a Flav-R 2-Go no-contact locker system. This ingenious, new locker system conveniently holds multiple hot or ambient to-go food orders with quick and secure access. Customers and delivery drivers can arrive, access their specific locker, and exit with no contact with staff, little-to-no waiting in line, and no disrupting the flow of business. How does the system work? Each locker features a timer to hold packaged foods for up

Wallin Back to School Resources

Planning for Back-to-school Foodservice When the Only Constant is Change Ready or not. Here it comes! There has never been a back-to-school season like this one, and let’s hope there never is again. But here we are. We’re in this together, but with so many unknowns, planning is more complicated than ever. And who isn’t nervous about getting stuck with unusable equipment when the situation changes? It may not seem like it, but the potential for rapid change is the good news. “Why is that,” you say? If we know it’s coming, we can be ready for it. We can’t be sure from one week to the next if students or a varying percentage of them will be learning at school or at home. We may not even know just yet if they will be eating in the cafeteria, in their classrooms, or at other locations on campus. But here’s what we do know:   Contact and risk of cross-contamination must be minimized Meals need to be pre-plated, portable, and covered for speed and safety Food needs to be transported and h

We’re Going Green with OZZI©

Waste-free Takeout Containers are Here! Are you considering serving in disposable takeout-style containers? Worried about the expense, storage space and impact of excess waste on the environment?   We are too, so we found a cost-effective, hygienic, and eco-friendly alternative, the OZZI O2GO ©   System. We met Tom Wright, CEO of green startup OZZI, a few years ago at the Catersource conference. It only took us a moment to know that we had found a special company with a one-of-a-kind system for dramatically reducing takeout packaging waste. Since then, Tom and his team have placed hundreds of their O2GO systems in universities, military bases, and healthcare facilities across the United States with positive financial and environmental results. Today, we are proud to join forces with OZZI as their first manufacturer’s representative in pursuit of the mission to change the world from disposable to reusable, one meal at a time. O2GO is a revolutionary system that eliminates traditio

Bizerba Summer Trade-in Days

Save up to $350 When You Trade-in and Trade-up!   Has your slicer lost its edge? Is it hard to clean? Are your cuts from your current slicer inconsistent? If you answered YES to any of these questions, now is the perfect time to step up to Bizerba and save from $100 to $350, depending upon the model you choose. Industry-leading safety features only found on the GSP HD or H Illumination series, semi-automatic or manual, include hygienic design that makes it quick and easy to clean and a precision ground 13" diameter blade that provides exacting cuts time after time for efficient operation and a consistent product. This trade-in offer is only available until 8-31-2020. Ready to trade up?   Contact us today for more details!