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Transforming Fries from Simple Side to Signature Item

Not many menu items can stoke the fires of culinary debate like fries. It seems like everyone has a favorite that they are willing to fiercely defend when the subject turns to who makes the best fries. As passionate as people are about fries, shouldn’t they get more “star treatment” on the menu? Often served as a free companion to a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, and other entrees, the mighty fry is quite capable of standing on its own as a signature side or appetizer. Read on for expert advice on transforming fries into a signature menu item made with fresh cut potatoes. Start with the Right Potato According to the Idaho Potato Commission’s Dr. Potato (disclaimer: not an actual doctor), you can fry any potato, but only a few varieties have the solids and starch content to fry to the ideal color and texture. Dr. Potato is partial to the Russet Burbank with Gold Dust, Ranger, the Umatilla, the Alturas, and the Classic as runners up. To minimize labor and waste while resulti

Blast Chilling: A Cool Way to Solve Costly Foodservice Challenges

Winter is coming. Seasonal summer ingredients will soon become harder to find, at least at a reasonable cost.  With food and labor costs rising in general, and business conditions remaining unpredictable, the concerns may be many, but the solutions are also more plentiful and effective than ever.  This is where new products like the Nuovair Roll-in Blast Chiller , recently introduced in the United States by Welbilt , can make a positive impact. Blast chilling can be the answer to conquering some common and costly business and operational challenges. The process itself rapidly reduces temperature to counteract the natural deterioration of food, decreases weight loss, and extends storage time. Unlike more gradual chilling or freezing methods that can actually damage food, Nuovair delivers three times longer shelf life, increases yield and maintains delicious quality, perfectly preserving even delicate foods with state-of-the-art blast chilling and freezing technology. Here’s a clos

Essential Equipment Cheat Sheet for Meals in the Classroom

If you're in school foodservice, you're probably feeling de ja vu in the new school year. Like last year, the need to be ready to quickly adapt to starts, stops, and fluctuating learning formats continues.  With in-classroom feeding becoming an increasingly common way to keep students and teachers separated into smaller groups on campus, we're learning together how to make Meals in the Classroom work, even as we cope with staffing challenges. Here are some essential components school systems in our region and around the country have used to effectively support meals in the classroom. HAND HYGIENE ESSENTIALS The key to promoting good hand hygiene is making hand-washing or sanitizing convenient and easy to use—and better still, touch-free. The Cambro Hand Sink Cart features a durable, all-weather polyethylene housing and is available in a variety of colors and neutrals. Generously sized 6" casters make it easy to transport, while the smooth surfaces make it equa

Preventing Rust in Food Storage Areas

High humidity causes more than its share of challenges. Reduced shelf life, mold growth, general discomfort, bad hair days, and rust are just a few. We can’t help with the hair situation, but all kidding aside, we do know some great tricks to keep your food storage areas (walk-in cooler, freezer, and dry storage) rust-free. Not only does rust and corrosion look ugly, but it also presents a safety hazard to food.  Most health department inspectors will, at minimum, cite a noncritical violation for rusted shelving because it increases the possibility of metallic flakes dropping or blowing into nearby foods and contaminating them.  Here’s how to avoid unsightly and unsanitary rust in your food storage areas for good. Shelving With a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, all series of Camshelving by Cambro were designed to be shelving for life. Made for use in walk-in coolers, freezers, dry storage, warewashing areas, loading docks, or front-of-house, Camshelving withstands s