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Generating Additional Revenue with Grab-and-Go

Now more than ever, busy consumers have a lot of catching up to do. With things to do, places to be, and people to see, they want and need the convenience of grab-and-go menu options. No matter what type of foodservice operation you run—convenience store, grocery, restaurant, K-12 school, university, healthcare facility, employee feeding, military installation, correctional facility, and beyond—grab-and-go menus present valuable business benefits that optimize staff and maximize revenue: Food is pre-prepped, pre-portioned, and pre-packaged during off-peak hours No plating, serving, or bussing Staff and tables are freed up for on-premise dining Expedites service with minimal interaction Provides convenient options for customers when the kitchen is closed Increases total sales  What should you look for when setting up your grab-and-go operation? Here are some key things to consider followed by a few of our favorite cold, hot, and mobile merchandising recommendations for grab-

Short Cuts for Short-staffed Foodservice Operations

Your team is moving as fast as they possibly can, but there still just aren’t enough hands on deck to keep up. You’re trying to recruit and retain staff, but the labor shortage isn’t helping. Sound familiar? The necessity of needing to do more with fewer people has long been the mother of invention in the foodservice equipment and supply industry. Reducing handling, expediting prep, cutting cook times, and simplifying processes can all help compensate for a shorthanded operation, so countless products have been developed to save time and money without compromising safety, service, or quality. Here are some recently-introduced innovations that are ready to come to the rescue. Reduce handling and improve safety of handling hot liquids with the new Cambro High Heat Measuring Cup . Made from heat-tolerant plastic, these cups can withstand temperatures up to 375°F (190°C) without compromising performance, making them safe for use in microwaves or ovens. The Universal Splatter-Proof C

Raising the Bar: Top Shelf Glassware, Gear, and Equipment

Let’s take an informal poll: who wants to get out and have some fun? Ask just about anyone you know, and they’re ready to go out and live large! Is your bar operation ready to satisfy all the pent-up demand? Here's a little inspiration to help you and your team come back strong with efficiency and style. The Perfect Glass for the New Roaring 20’s The prospect of economic recovery and a renewed joie de vivre are giving off some serious Roaring 20’s vibes. We’re ready to raise a glass to welcome a new era of prosperity and a golden age of cocktail making with the Jazz Collection by Luigi Bormioli. This elegant glassware collection offers a smooth, modern take on Jazz Age design. With a perfect vessel to showcase both classic and signature cocktail creations, the Jazz Collection features a Flute, Cocktail Coupe, Long Drink (highball), and Rocks/Whiskey glass. Magnificent Mixology Gear Sets One of the many experiences we’ve missed is watching a skilled bartender put on a great sh

Summer '21 Money-saving Offers for School Foodservice

Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on prepping for your summer program or planning ahead for Back to School, we want to help you stretch your budget as far as possible.  Here are some valuable offers from leading school foodservice equipment manufacturers offering all kinds of savings from special pricing, FREE freight, to FREE goods and proprietary recipes: FREE Cam GoBox with Purchase of a Camshelving Flex Station Buy a Camshelving Flex Station and get your choice of a free Cam GoBox for milk or for holding one full-sized 8" deep food pan. Camshelving Flex Stations are perfect for grab-n-go, breakfast in the classroom, staging for off-site delivery, and much more. This special offer is valid from April 15 to July 15, 2021. Visit for full details and offer redemption form. Special Pricing, 3-year Warranty, and FREE School Cookbook on Convotherm Packages Choose from 10 complete packages which include 1 or 2 Convotherm 4 combi-ovens, st

Thank You, School Lunch Heroes!

  Today we celebrate our school lunch heroes.  Thank you for feeding our future!  Your Fans at Wallin Foodservice Resources

Improving Healthcare Meal Delivery Temperatures to Increase Satisfaction

It’s no secret that plating and delivering quality meals in a healthcare setting is a daunting task. With meals traveling from a hot kitchen, through cool hallways, and with multiple stops along the way, keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold from kitchen to patient or resident takes impressive coordination.   As with many things, the expression “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link,” applies to this process. Here’s a guide to keeping every link strong. Start with hot foods hot and cold foods cold . Use a heated or chilled plate. Just as hot coffee gets cold much faster when poured into a cool mug, or a glass straight from a high temperature dishwasher quickly warms a cold beer, a cool plate draws heat from hot food, and a hot plate radiates heat into cold foods. To maximize temperature retention for the entire delivery process, match the temperature of the plate to the temperature of the food. The Camtherm Plate Heater evenly heats up to 100 ceramic or china plat