Score an “A” in Adaptable School Feeding

It’s hard to believe we’re already almost three weeks into 2021, especially because it still feels a lot like 2020. If you’re in school foodservice, we sincerely thank you for your never-ending commitment to feeding kids and families in good times and bad. And if you’re still searching for safe solutions to get you through the school year that you’ll be able to use later, you’re not alone. We’ve worked with schools in our region and partners across the country to compile an overview of the systems that have best served schools and communities throughout the pandemic while assuring continued usefulness into the future. For ideas that have worked for school districts like yours, read on. 96 Meals Setup Wherever you serve—classroom, cafeteria, or curbside—this 96-meal set-up recently implemented by multiple school districts in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, uses a combination of six insulated Cambro GoBags to help you keep hot meals hot and two insulated Cam GoBoxes to keep m

Special Pricing and FREE Shipping on Select FWE Models

  Sharing food with loved ones is an essential element of our lives. Now more than ever, it is important to have food service equipment that supports changing operational procedures and processes to ensure safety and provide comfort to staff and our families. FWE has designed and built the needed equipment to provide the level of care for all those comfort foods that consumers are turning to during these uncertain times. With FWE’s current promotional offer, you can add equipment to your line that supports your facility. Whether your operation requires precision humidity and temperature control for protein sensitive foods like fried chicken, mobile hand washing stations for patio service, heated holding shelves for mobile order staging or pizza holding cabinets – FWE has the equipment to fit those needs. CLICK HERE to learn more about FWE’s products. To view the available current promotional solutions for your operation, CLICK HERE . If you have any questions, please contact us  a

Profitable Menu Items to Serve Now

When isn’t it a good time to find ways to increase revenue and pump up the bottom line? Since our number one goal is to help you and your business be successful, we’ve compiled a list of the most profitable food and beverage items you can put on your menu  and how to keep them that way. Fried Foods According to Technavio, a leading global technology research and advisory company, fried food products account for a profit margin of around 75%. proudly boasts the same statistic, noting that French Fries are often the most profitable item on the menu. Efficient use of oil while keeping it fresh is key to maintaining that high level of profitability. Frymaster’s Filter Quick with EasyTouch electric fryers were designed to do just that, reducing operating costs by using 40% less oil (30 lbs.). To learn more about tools for successfully preparing, holding, and serving fried foods, check out one of our most popular posts to date, Serving the Perfect French Fry . Add-ons A do

Are You Inspection Ready?

Have you recently been getting more visits from your health inspector or sanitarian? If you have, you’re not alone. Many areas have experienced more frequent inspections to assess and enforce COVID protocol compliance regarding social distancing, mask wearing, and capacity. Is your foodservice operation inspection-ready, both front and back of house? Some of the most common back-of-house violations can sneak up on a busy operation at any time, and even more so with the additional responsibility of pandemic-era mandates. We’ve matched up five key requirements from the Louisiana Public Health Sanitary Code for Retail Food Establishments (which are also typical to nationwide standards) with a simple solution to help you protect food safety every day and be ready for smooth inspections, no matter when they happen.  Requirement: Food shall be protected from contamination by storing the food at least 6 inches above the floor. Solution: Cambro Dunnage Racks hold inventory 12" of

A Toast for the New Year

A Toast for the New Year Happy New Year! Please join us for a toast to a healthy and prosperous year ahead. Not the bubbly kind that can give us a headache, but the warm and toasty kind that helps soothe our souls and energizes us to face the day. Today, we salute toast for that very reason. To start with a small slice of history, did you know that toast was invented by ancient Egyptians and adopted by the Romans in 500BC to prolong the shelf life of bread? Toast has come a long way since its original role of mold-prevention to becoming a staple at breakfast and beyond, either as a simple side or a base for the center-of-plate star of the show. Whether you’re cranking out mass quantities for dry or butter and jam-slathered consumption in a noncommercial setting, serving peanut butter and banana toast at a family restaurant, or crafting an avocado toast masterpiece on artisanal bread in a bistro, the right toaster helps you get the job done to mouth-watering perfection. The wrong on

Wallin Foodservice Resources: 2020 High Notes

Wallin Foodservice Resources: 2020 High Notes If there ever was a year for reflection and searching for silver linings, 2020 was it. We are so proud and appreciative of our local foodservice community’s courage, resilience, and ability to adapt to near-constant change and adversity. The difficulties were many this year, but you rose to the challenge and inspired us every day to find ideas and solutions to help you do what you do best—safely. Here’s a look back at the events and top stories of the year that could never have happened without the relationships with our customers and industry partners that we hold so dear. New Name, New Look In June, we unveiled a new name that honors our heritage as the Wallin Group while reinforcing our commitment to serving the foodservice industry: Wallin Foodservice Resources. With our new name came a brand-new logo, tagline, website , and the Wallin Resource blog.  Our Name is No Match for Our Service, So We’re Changing it. Expan

Happy Holidays from Wallin Foodservice Resources

Merry Christmas to you and yours  from your friends at Wallin Foodservice Resources!