Is Your Walk-in Haunted?

Is Your Walk-in Haunted?

You’re all alone in the walk-in, unusual this busy time of night. Ah, peace! A soft, rattling sound snaps you out of your moment of serenity. “Has it always done that?” you wonder. Tap, tap, tap, tap. Knock! “Not now,” you say to yourself, “probably just my imagination, anyway.”You shake your head to clear your mind and reach up for what you came in for. Why does it have to be on the top shelf? You really want to step on the edge of the bottom shelf for a little boost, but you know it’s a bad idea. Someone’s done it, though. Many times. You can tell because the shelf edge is bent, the finish is chipped, and it’s starting to rust all in the exact same spot. “That can’t be good,” you think, as you grab what you were looking for, and the entire shelving unit starts to wobble and creak, even though you barely touched it. It’s a good thing that someone thought to tie the posts together and prop up the front of the bottom shelf with a heavy pan. Or is it?The lights b…

Correctional Foodservice Offer from FWE

Now more than ever, it’s important to have food service equipment that supports changing operational procedures and processes to ensure the safety of inmates and staff. FWE builds correctional units from the ground up knowing the environment they will be subjected to. With ultra-heavy-duty construction and tamper resistant features throughout, they are designed and built for the harshest conditions.With FWE’s current promotional offer you can add equipment to your lineup that will best support your facility. Whether your operation requires food transport carts for satellite feeding programs or bulk food holding cabinets, FWE has the equipment to fit those needs.FWE correctional units are constructed of durable 18-guage stainless steel, with minimal removable parts. Their stainless steel, fully welded equipment offers long lasting solutions and is built from the inside out to withstand continuous, demanding use, with heat systems that are built into units to help prevent tampering, los…

Can new equipment lower your tax bill?

Taking Advantage of the Section 179 Tax Deduction for New Equipment

If you’ve been putting off replacing unreliable or inefficient equipment, now may be a better time than you think to invest in your business and take advantage of a game-changing tax benefit. According to, all businesses that purchase, finance, and/or lease new business equipment during tax year 2020 should qualify for the Section 179 deduction. What does that mean to you?Section 179 allows your business to write off the entire purchase price of qualifying equipment for the current tax year (up to $1,000,000), which means that you can purchase the equipment that you need now. In fact, much of the equipment businesses purchased to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, such as sanitizing stations, dividers, and new printed signage, will also qualify for the Section 179 tax Deduction. You’ll find details on the new Section 179 and COVID-19 page. Even if your business received a PPP loan or any other pandemic-r…

California SNA Virtual Conference Invites Districts Across America

Great news! The California School Nutrition Association has opened up their upcoming virtual conference to all school districts across the country. If you have already heard about this and have registered, we hope to see you in the Cambro virtual booth. If this is the first time you've heard about this conference, then please click the link below to find out more about this opportunity from CSNA's conference page.Visit Cambro at the CSNA Virtual Conference!We are looking forward to CSNA's Virtual Conference - we hope you'll join us to see (virtually at least) some great products that school districts across the country have relied upon during this tumultuous year to accomplish their goals and feed school children.The event takes place October 29-31 and you can register by clicking here.We invite you to a Breakout Session at the event, Practical Solutions for COVID Feeding and Beyond, showcasing real-life examples of best practices on how schools are…

Topping Off Your Tray Top: Lid or Film?

Plastic Film vs. Disposable Lid: Why put lids on your tray top ware?

When budgets are tight, it can be tempting to cover tray top ware with plastic film. It’s inexpensive and accessible, but does it truly address all the reasons ware needs to be covered? The concept of disposable, drink-through coffee lids came into its own when a patent was filed for a “tearable” coffee lid in 1967. At the time, convenience stores had entered onto the scene, and Americans were drinking their coffee while on the go—and creating lots of coffee stains while they were at it. Designs have evolved and uses have expanded since 1967, but the primary purpose is the same: reduce the risk of spills.Disposable lids and plastic film can both reduce the risk of spills during delivery, reduce the risk of cross-contamination of tray top ware and its contents, and help keep hot food or beverages hot and cold items cold. That’s where their similarities end. Here’s a quick comparison of Lid vs. Film:

Factoring in Residen…

Serving the Perfect French Fry

Achieving French Fry Mastery from Fryer to Table

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, French fries remain America’s favorite way to eat potatoes. On-premise or off, amid economic highs and lows, they provide a simple pleasure in good times and a satisfying source of comfort and familiarity in the not-so-good ones. The beloved French fry also has a well-deserved reputation for being hard to hold. How do you maintain the perfect texture and presentation from fryer to holding to serving and keep your customers coming back for more?The Fryer Formula

Whether you’re working with fresh cut potatoes or frozen product, you’ll need a fryer that can hold consistent temperatures and help you make the most efficient use of your oil while keeping it fresh.
Frymaster’s Filter Quick with EasyTouch electric fryers were designed to reduce operating costs by using 40% less oil (30 lbs.), while providing easy-access, closed cabinet fully automatic filtration. This easy-to-operate system encourages m…

Meal Delivery Ware Tune-up: How to Get New Ware for FREE

3-Step Tray Top Tune-up
Every fall, most of us start receiving mailings and emails from our local heating and air specialists to get our furnace tuned-up before the winter. The idea is to protect us against our furnace breaking down, especially on the coldest day of the year when we need it most! As cooler weather and the holiday season approaches, it’s also a good time to give our meal delivery systems a once-over to prepare us for the months when hot meals are an essential part of keeping our patients and residents happy and healthy.Here are the key steps to making sure your tray top ware is ready to serve for the months to come:1.Identify and Discard Damaged ItemsHow worn is your ware? Non-NSF meal delivery ware is often made with multi-step processes and materials that increase vulnerability to damage from heavy use and repeated washing. Weed out items with cracks, burns, or gaps that could harbor water or bacteria, even after washing. Do any pieces feel considerably heavier than …