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5 Tips for Generating Revenue with an Outdoor Bar

Courtyards, patios, balconies, and other unused outdoor spaces have taken on a whole new life over the past two years with the need for well-ventilated dining areas.  These available spaces also provide ideal settings for outdoor bars or hybrid dining and drinking spots. If you’re thinking about re-allocating some of your outdoor space, portable bar equipment that’s well-appointed with essential tools can help you quickly convert underutilized spaces into revenue-producing square footage. Tip 1: Create a Focal Point A great-looking bar creates a focal point and sets the mood, attracting customers like bees to honey! A variety of materials that can withstand the elements are now available, so outdoor bars can look just as stylish as indoor ones, seamlessly carrying your indoor ambience into outdoor serving areas. FWE Weather-All Series Bars are constructed entirely of stainless steel. Attractive and functional, these portable bars are tough enough to be used outside year-round

New Age Industrial Explains the Forces that Impact Pricing

A lot of external forces influence the pricing of products we buy, but it’s rare that we get the opportunity to hear a detailed explanation directly from the manufacturer. In this insightful new video, New Age Industrial General Manager Dan Porter candidly shares the factors that contribute to price changes—both up and down—with Cathy O’Shia, New Age Industrial’s VP of Sales, Foodservice.  New Age Industrial is a leading Aluminum extruder and fabricator in the United States. They design and manufacture heavy duty, yet lightweight aluminum products. Their portfolio of foodservice products includes a huge selection of racks, carts, shelving, dollies, enclosed transport cabinets, and more. They proudly offer customization to meet your exact needs with products that will never rust or corrode. To learn more about how equipment solutions from New Age Industrial can help your foodservice operation, contact us . 

2022 School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference Highlights

If you couldn’t make it to Orlando for this year’s School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference…or if you were there and wish you had taken more pictures, worry not. We’re bringing the highlights to you! As expected, the show was filled with enthusiasm, hope, and an incredible amount of fresh ideas, solutions, and more customizable equipment options than ever. Here are the highlights: See something you’d like to learn more about?  We’re here to help you get ready for a successful school year. Contact us!

2022 School Nutrition Annual National Conference Preview

Over the past two years, the school foodservice community has been tested daily and proven it’s resiliency and flexibility at every turn. It’s time to get together and celebrate! The 2022 School Nutritional Association Annual National Conference starts this Sunday in Orlando. The first in-person SNA ANC since 2019, this year’s event will host  300+ exhibitors  showcasing culinary trends, service solutions, and cutting-edge equipment. This the first time school nutrition professionals will get to see a broad variety of new products in person. It also provides countless opportunities to participate in educational sessions and reconnect with peers and leading industry representatives. Several of the factories we represent will be there, and they are excited to see you and help you prepare for a successful ‘22/’23 school year. So are we! If you plan to travel to Orlando for the show, here’s a preview of the booths you won’t want to miss. Cambro, Booth #1451 Cambro  has introduc

Eight Ideas for Minimizing Food Costs

When you were a kid, did you ever look under the couch cushions for loose change to buy something you really wanted or needed? A lot of us did. We knew we’d find something to help our cause, even if it was just to chase down the ice cream man! With wholesale food costs breaking the bank—up 15.6% from May ‘21-May ’22 as reported by the National Restaurant Association—it’s a good time to apply that strategy on a larger scale.  Making small changes in a variety of under-the-radar places in your kitchen can add up to meaningful savings.   To supplement your existing cost-saving strategies, here are eight ideas to try. 1. Weigh Pricey Proteins Ensure you’re not leaving money on the table with solid cut portions of meat and fish that are consistent and accurate.  The  Bravo Digital Portion Scale  by Edlund was designed specifically for commercial foodservice, so it’s impervious to food drippings, frequent cleaning, and high levels of humidity. 2. Measure Toppings and Portions Gene