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New Foodservice Product Innovations We’re Thankful For

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of discovering a tool or piece of equipment that makes quick, easy work of something that was once a major pain.  Finding a ready-made solution to a new or nagging operational challenge can make your day in a hurry. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention, so we’re grateful to be part of an industry that truly listens to and learns from each other in a continuous effort to save time, money, and natural resources. Here’s a look at some of the latest innovations from the best brands in foodservice. We hope you’ll see a product or two that are just the solution you’ve been looking for. Heat-Tolerant Cooking Tools Spend a lot of time and money replacing cooking utensils? The Hell’s Handle Collection by Mercer Culinary is a seriously durable collection of Turners, Forks, and Scrapers that, as the name implies, can take the heat of the kitchen. These tough tools feature a high heat-resistant handle that absorbs 50% less heat and stays cool

Protecting Your Glassware and Dinnerware Investment

Stylish and upscale glassware and dinnerware are two of the many allures of dining out, providing luxuries most don’t have at home.  These key elements of the overall customer experience—along with great food and service—help motivate customers to dine on-premise and become loyal patrons. Important investment that it is, how do you protect your table ware in a fast-paced environment with employees of varied experience levels? Keep it like-new and maximize return with the following tips. Start with Commercial-Grade Glassware and Dinnerware The beauty of commercial grade glassware and dinnerware is that it’s designed to look elegant, sometimes even delicate, yet it’s made with materials and processes that support extensive use and commercial warewashing. Luigi Bormioli pioneered a machine-blown process to replicate handmade glassware, resulting in glassware that combines artisanal elegance with robust practicality and consistency.  Luigi Bormioli’s crystal SON.hyx® material is

Protecting Employee Safety

Cuts, burns, slips, and trips are well-documented hazards of the foodservice industry. Accidents are unfortunately part of life and business, but with good employees getting harder to find and even more difficult to keep, the more we can do to protect them, the better. Accidents happen most often when employees are moving too quickly, don’t have enough training, or are using the wrong product for the application. The following products were designed specifically to protect employees from potential dangers both back and front-of-house. Cut Prevention Cut gloves are a highly effective line of defense against cuts during prep. Mercer Culinary Cut Resistant Gloves provide excellent cut and abrasion resistance while maintaining superior dexterity and comfort for employees. Made from FDA approved materials for safe direct food contact, all styles are washable and bleach-safe. Each style is made to fit either the left or right-hand and is offered in 5 color-coded sizes to ensure an exc

Fresh Alternatives for Serving Students

It’s what’s inside the meal that really matters, but appealing packaging sure can’t hurt! Whether you’re struggling to replenish the disposables or trays you’ve been using, or you’re just looking to refresh your program with novel serving ideas, more choices to showcase your menu are available now than ever. We’ve pulled together a selection of serving options, some new and some classic, to help you meet your program’s nutrition requirements and participation goals. All are reusable and dishwasher safe, which will help protect your program from future supply shortages while setting an Earth-friendly example for students. TableCraft Plastic Serving Baskets have a nostalgic way of making even simple meals feel like a treat.  A fun, yet practical way to serve hand-held favorites such as sandwiches, turkey burgers, tacos, burritos, veggie sticks, and more, these classic plastic baskets are stackable and dishwasher safe.  Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. The Bette