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Tools for Quicker Cross-training

Have you ever noticed how some trends are flash-in-the-pan trendy while others take long-term hold?  Turnover and absenteeism have long been a challenge in foodservice, but the off-the-charts levels of the last couple of years have made cross-training a necessity and probable long-term trend. Tools that cut training time help employees work independently and contribute more quickly, so they’re worth their weight in gold.  Some of the best ways to minimize cross-training time involve improving organization, providing additional layers of employee safety, and simplifying processes with automation, technology, and other time-saving tools. Organization  We've all been there. The very first step to taking on new responsibilities in any job is knowing where to find the tools you need. The Camshelving Pegboard Storage System  by Cambro is the first NSF-listed plastic pegboard for commercial kitchens, a space-saving system that keeps frequently used items visible and within reach.

Juicy Secrets to Creating Handcrafted Burgers

Did you know that Americans eat about 50 billion burgers per year, an average of 3 burgers per person per week? Considering the burger’s enduring popularity, most eateries serve them, so the competition is fierce. A burger lover may choose to order their favorite food everywhere they eat, but wouldn’t you prefer that they crave a burger from your menu?  Here are a few of our favorite juicy secrets to help you create a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted burger that keeps burger lovers coming back for more. Start with custom ground meat. One of the best ways to differentiate your burger offering and maintain a consistent product is to grind your own meat. Beef, pork, turkey, buffalo, wild game, or a combination? It’s your call. By handling the meat grinding process in-house, you select the cuts, so you know exactly what’s in it, you control the fat content, and you can offer multiple types of specialty burgers made with your own proprietary ground meat blends. All good things! If grinding

Flutes and Coupes: The Shapes of Champagne and Celebration

When you think of champagne, what image comes to mind? A column of fine bubbles racing to the surface of a tall crystal flute? A vintage coupe filled to the rim with fizzy liquid joy? Just like water, champagne (or sparkling wine) takes the shape of its vessel. It is after all, a celebration in a glass, so the glass had better be exceptional! Each vessel has a story to tell about its contents, the person drinking from it, and the establishment serving it. And much like the insights we shared in Can a Glass Make Wine Taste Better? , glass design also influences the appearance and flavor of sparkling wines and champagnes. No one knows how to make the glass rise to the occasion and tell a captivating story like the 25 th  generation Italian glassmakers at Luigi Bormioli . What story would you like your sparkling wine stemware to tell? The Something-Amazing-Just-Happened Glass The Vinea Pinot Nero/Franciacorta Flute (11387/01) pairs sophisticated contours with technical features. 

Sauce Secrets

Served hot, cold, doused or drizzled with artistic flair, it’s the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the finishing touch.  What are we talking about? Sauce! Even when served on the side, many would agree that it’s the sauce that makes the meal.  If it truly completes the dish, shouldn’t it get the royal treatment? From holding proper temperature and maintaining consistency to creative plating, here are some secrets to maximizing the impact of sauces, both savory and sweet. Heated to Perfection The Hatco/Krampouz Electric Sauce Warmer keeps sauces, condiments, and toppings warm and ready for use in commercial kitchens (both back and front of house). Adjustable thermostatic control from 105°F-195°F holds everything from maple syrup to barbecue sauce at the perfect temperature, flavor, and consistency.  Available in 1, 2, and 3 bottle sizes, each model comes with the appropriate number of 3-valve sauce bottles to protect sauce from contamination and evaporation while making dis