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Supplemental Handwash Stations for Indoors and Out

Choosing the Right Handwashing Station for the Job

From CDC and healthcare professional guidance to how-to videos like Gloria Gaynor’s pandemic version of her classic I Will Survive, we have all been trained that handwashing is more critical than ever during this unprecedented time. Not only does it protect each of us and those with whom we interact, but clearly visible and accessible handwashing stations now provide a sense of reassurance to employees and customers alike. Supplemental handwash stations come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and levels of portability. Where the station will be used, access to electricity, water capacity, and available space are important factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best one for the job.Handwashing for Curbside, Drive-Through, or Outdoor Events

It’s tempting to resort to hand sanitizer when working outdoors, but soap and warm water have been proven more effective because they physically remove germs from hands. At locations where runni…

Reassuring Dine-in Customers with Clean Glassware and Dishware

Three Ways to keep Glassware and Dishware Clean and Sanitary

Sparkling glasses and dishes have always been a trusty indicator of a clean and well-run dining establishment. At a time when we need to re-instill customer comfort in dining out, it’s a good idea to revisit ware washing, storage, and handling practices to make sure that all the safety bases are covered and communicated.1.Turn up the Water Temperature

Long before COVID-19, the National Sanitation Foundation was formed at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health in 1944. With a goal of creating national sanitation standards for the purpose of testing products that affect the safety of water, food, and air, NSF has been protecting public health and influencing product development ever since. These standards are especially trustworthy guidance now when we can’t be careful enough about sanitation. In order to qualify for NSF listing, the NSF/ANSI 3-2007 standard requires a dish machine to achieve a minimum 99.999% redu…

Enhancing Drive-Through Safety

Stepping Up Drive-through Staff and Customer Safety

In our last post, we talked about the organization and temperature maintenance aspects of to-go operations. What about drive-through? Organization is also key to supporting drive-through traffic, especially now that it’s at an all-time high. And although person-to-person contact is minimal due to the nature of drive-through, the need for enhanced safety protocol is essential. It may seem intimidating, but simple steps will go a long way.Handwashing

Providing employees with accessible, properly equipped handwashing stations is of paramount importance to protect staff and customers alike, wherever they interact. Staff who work outdoors as part of the drive-through or curbside team will likely need access to a supplemental outdoor station. In April, Chick-fil-A led the way in best practices when they announced they had begun a national roll-out providing outdoor handwashing stations, made by Cambro, for their employees at all drive-thru a…

Equipment for Safe and Efficient To-go Operations

Setting up for Safe and Efficient Takeout, Delivery, and Curbside
Once considered a secondary function of restaurant operations, takeout, delivery, and curbside service have emerged as essential to keeping the doors open. As many restaurateurs learned when delivery surged in popularity a couple years ago with the advent of Uber Eats, adaptation is vital to achieving safe and efficient to-go operations that accurately represent the brand you’ve worked so hard to build. This 2-year head start on delivery operations has turned out to be a stroke of luck, because now when we need it most, we have a solid track record of equipment and processes that have worked well. Products have been designed for this very purpose, and best practices have been established. What have we learned so far?Organized Storage for Takeout Supplies

Successful delivery operations start with being well organized in the back of house while optimizing storage space. The Camshelving Flex Station creates a highly function…

Secrets to Making Food Last Longer

Managing Food Inventory with Inconsistent Demand

Have you found yourself struggling with forecasting, running out of key ingredients, or throwing them out when they’re no longer presentable? You’re not alone. It seems these days that only one thing is predictable: unpredictability! Business can be up one day and down the next. Meanwhile, menu items wax and wane in popularity. If your choices have been limited to run out or throw out, here are some strategies to protect your food inventory investment, regardless of demand.Getting Extra Days of Shelf Life

Plastic wraps and foils are inexpensive go-to food storage covers for many fast-paced operations, but did you know they shorten shelf life? Seal Covers by Cambro are the secret to extending shelf life up to 3 days. With an inner seal that fits snugly against Cambro Camwear and Translucent Food Pans, Seal Covers keep out air, moisture, and other contaminants that work together to begin the food decomposition process. They are flexible yet…

Long Term Care Non-communal Dining

Non-communal Dining Residents Can Look Forward to

“Official Day Brightener” may not be in your job title, but if you work in long term care foodservice, it should be. With mealtime being the highlight of many resident’s days, especially now that communal activities have been put on hold, how do you make it special when it’s a socially distanced table for one? Here are a few ideas to make mealtime an uplifting time for all.
Looks Good!
Being served with a warm smile and a great-looking tray is the perfect beginning of a day-brightening dining experience. Sleek, glossy trays such as Camwear non-skid trays with handles paired with modern meal delivery ware such as the Harbor collection evoke the feeling of hotel room service. With a wide selection of options, you can have fun creating a colorful tray top that complements the personality and culture of your staff and residents.
Homey Touches
The plate is so much more than just a backdrop for the meal. It can play an important role in temperatu…

New Product Alert!

Increase Revenues and Participation with the New Cambro Vending Cart

Vending carts are inherently fun, aren’t they? They bring back fond memories of amusement parks, festivals, ball games, and novelty foods and drinks that were special and hard to resist. Cambro has hit a home run with a brand-new vending cart that strikes a perfect balance between form, function, and fun. Whether you’re serving anywhere on a school, university, healthcare, or corporate campus, this thoughtfully designed cart can be personalized to help create or simply complement an upbeat atmosphere, indoors or out.Built-in Safety Features Model CVC75 comes equipped with a pre-assembled 12" safety barrier, an essential in today’s world. The safety barrier brings the total height of the cart to 53 1/8". For additional merchandising space or enhanced safety for older students and adults, a merchandising extender is offered in 6" and 12" heights that can increase the total height of the cart with barr…

Meals in the Classroom

4 Essentials for In-Classroom Feeding

Has your district decided to serve meals in the classroom, so now the race is on to get ready fast? Thankfully, many schools across the country have fine-tuned their breakfast in the classroom (BIC) programs, so we can take what they’ve learned to adapt to the urgent new need to feed students in place.BIC programs paved the way for efficient processes and equipment that can serve multiple purposes, optimize staffing, and help the team meet the tight time constraints of school meal periods. Odds are you already have some of the equipment you need to set up your meals in the classroom (MIC) program. Insulated carts, kiosks, mobile shelving units, and even “salad” bars can transform into components of a well-oiled classroom delivery system. Let’s look at the staples used in successful classroom feeding programs.

1. Enclosed Meal Containers
Disposable clamshells, reusable clamshells, and two-piece covered trays are all popular options to keep food covered…

Welbilt Virtual Expo Coming August 26!

You are invited to the Welbilt brand experience
Mark your calendar for Wednesday, August 26, 2020 11:00 am – 1:00 pm EDTIn a time of limited travel to traditional trade shows, we want to bring Welbilt brands to you. We are going beyond the show floor into your offices, living rooms, or wherever you are, to bring you a virtual display of Welbilt Brand products. Welbilt Virtual Expo will include:New Product LaunchesProduct DemosLive Culinary DemosFoodservice Industry Trends and TopicsLive Chat Q&AAnd more...Click Here to Register for FREE

High Speed Merrychef eikon e1s

Merrychef e1s = High Speed Service + Top-notch Quality

If you serve panini, pizza, wraps, toasted sandwiches, or flatbreads and are looking to speed service and increase throughput without sacrificing quality, this one’s for you. The new eikon e1s high speed oven from Merrychef is a stylish countertop appliance with an MVP skillset well-suited to restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, and delivery operations alike. Here’s what we love about the eikon e1s. Not only is it sleek, quiet, and compact enough to proudly use front of house, it cooks 10-12x faster than a conventional oven with mouth-watering results. Ventless operation, thanks to a built-in catalytic converter, means that you can use it anywhere without an extraction hood. This translates to a single appliance that gives you the freedom to bake, brown, roast, broil, cook “au gratin” and regenerate crisp-textured menu items virtually anywhere you have access to 220V electricity.How does it work? The Merrychef e1s combines equal…