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Tricks to Ward off Foodservice Frights

Who needs ghosts and witches? It’s already been a scary couple of years for foodservice!  From sanitation concerns to employee shortages to escalating costs, it seems every time we turned around, our industry was vexed by a new “boogeyman” jumping out at us! None of us have a magic wand, but as with all things, the trick to getting through tough times is managing the factors we can control.  We’ve covered a broad variety of operational challenges in our blog since its inception in 2020. Halloween seems like a fitting time to pull together a bag of tricks to fight off today’s most menacing foodservice issues. See an idea that hits home? Click the link next to it for details. We don’t have enough staff. Streamline frequent tasks: Get More Done with the Team You Have   Implement high speed cooking and other short cuts: Short Cuts for Short-staffed Foodservice Operations Help employees feel valued: Tools for Retaining Top Restaurant Employees Re-work your cleaning process: Simplify C

Simple Fixes for Keeping Plated Food Hot

A delicious meal, beautifully  plated , and served at just the right time by a friendly and professional server. Everything is perfect, except for one thing. After the first bite, the guest motions to their server to return to the table. The service may be quite warm, but the food isn’t. It happens to every restaurant from time to time. If it’s been happening at yours a little too often lately, it’s time to give the situation a closer look. Once you have an idea of what’s contributing to the issue—whether it’s fewer staff than normal, longer trips from kitchen to table, cool room temperatures, outdoor service, or all of the above—it will be easier to correct. Strip Heaters Strip heaters keep hot food hot with radiant heat from above, but without continuing the cooking process. Hatco Strip Heaters are easy to install and work well for a kitchen’s back-of-house areas, waitstaff pickup stations, and customer serving counters. By using infrared heat, the strip heater provides a wa

Winning Takeout Strategies

Football season is well underway, but it’s not too late to score additional revenue. Think of it as halftime, the perfect time huddle and storm back onto the field to take the “W”. The takeout trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down either, so between individual, family, and large group meals to go, opportunity is everywhere. With labor as tight as it is, everyone is feeling the strain, so patience seems to be yet another product in short supply. If you can support your great food with solid service, you’ve got a winning combination that will keep your fans coming back and likely even earn you some new ones. Here’s a look at the latest products and ideas that streamline workflows while strengthening your takeout game. Smart Safety Plays Create an Insulated Tailgate Pack by loading an insulated Cam GoBox EPP160 or EPP180 with disposable pans of hot meats and sides on the bottom and rolls; napkins; and disposable plates, serving utensils, and cutlery on top.  The GoBox hol

Outside is the New Inside: Supporting Efficient Outdoor Dining Service

From creating outdoor dining spaces everywhere from courtyards, patios, balconies, and sidewalks to unconventional spots like alleys, streets, parking spaces and parking lots, our industry has found ingenious ways to adapt to the operational challenges brought about by the pandemic. While many months have passed and seasons have changed, the need and demand for outdoor dining endures.  But with continued staffing challenges and distance from the kitchen to outdoor dining areas, how do you keep staff from getting overwhelmed and service from suffering? With help from our partners at Cambro and TableCraft, we’ve compiled some valuable ideas that can help make the most of your team’s time and support the level of service your customers expect and you strive to provide. Efficient and Sanitary Outdoor Bussing A basic bussing station gives staff easy access to frequently used items. Here’s how to make one with Cambro equipment pieces you may already have on hand: Versa Organizer Bins n

Three Servings of Good News for School Foodservice

You serve up smiles every day, so it’s your turn to get some news that’s sunny side up! Read on to discover three things that have the potential to make your job easier, feed your mind and refresh your spirit, and give your budget a boost. 1. Disposable compartment tray alternatives are available! Having a tough time sourcing disposable compartment trays or clamshell containers? The CDC and state health departments recommended disposable food containers earlier in the pandemic, which created extraordinary demand for them across foodservice. Supplies are running low around the country and packaging waste is at an all-time high, but thankfully safety guidance is changing due to new findings. In Arkansas, for example, the  Food Service and School Meals  section of the Arkansas Department of Education’s guidelines on COVID-19 published for the 2021-2022 school year states, “Given the very low risk of transmission from surfaces and shared objects, there is no need to limit food service appr

Bring Out the Best in Craft Beer with the Right Glass

Football. Oktoberfest. Seasonal craft brews. Beer season is open! Are you ready to make the most of it? We’ve talked about how the shape of a glass can affect the flavor and enjoyment of wine, (click here to read the article), but did you know that the same is true for beer and hard cider? It is! And Luigi Bormioli proves it with the Birrateque Collection. It’s ok to have a special place in your heart for traditional pint glasses and red plastic beer cups. But when it’s time for craft beer to shine and command a premium price tag, Birrateque is up to the task. Here’s how it works its magic. Starting with the glass itself, the Birrateque collection is made of lead-free, high-tech Crystal Glass SON.hyx®. The transparency and sparkle of this innovative glass show off the real color and clarity of the beer and its foam. For help keeping beer ice cold, click here to get tips on storing and dispensing ice cold draft beer. An anatomy of the Birrateque IPA Glass reveals how each design