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10 Resilience-building Foodservice Lessons from ‘20 ̵ ‘21

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye 2021. Don’t let the door hit you in the ***! Over the past two years, change coming from every direction was enough to throw e ven the most well-oiled foodservice operation off their game. Thanks a lot, 2020 and 2021; but 2020’s, we’re onto you now!  All that change was hard to digest in such a short time, but what if we try to look at it as the gift of resilience, a crash course in adapting to frequent, sudden change? Since the “surprises” don’t seem to be ending any time soon, we're wrapping up the year with 10 resilience-building takeaways from the first two years of this unparalleled decade. We’ve also added a few examples of strategies to address them. 1.   Find ways to do more in less time with less effort. Although this not a new concept, the need for it has become more critical than ever before. Simplify cleaning.  Instead of using multiple products to clean, sanitize, and disinfect, streamline the process with a product made sp

Happy Holidays from Wallin Foodservice Resources!

Happy Holidays from all of us at  Wallin Foodservice Resources!  

5 Proven Steps to Serving Residents Hot Holiday Meals

Meals play a vital role in keeping residents’ spirits up, especially during the holidays.  Your staff puts so much heart and effort into preparing nourishing and satisfying meals, yet time and distance between the kitchen and residents can interfere with even the best of intentions, leaving foods at disappointing temperatures.  If you’ve been hearing from residents or their families about cold or lukewarm food, try comparing your current process to the following 5 steps to look for gaps that may be causing temperature loss. These proven practices reinforce the entire serving process to ensure that food never has a chance to lose heat.  Food is served hot, and residents can enjoy pleasing meals throughout the holidays and beyond. 1.      Start with hot food. Promptly place pans of freshly-cooked food into heated wells. FWE Tray Line Heated Holding Cabinets have individually controlled wet serving wells with heated holding cabinets below for convenient replenishment.  These heated

Sweeten Restaurant Revenues with Baked Goods

Much as most of us love the holiday season, it’s also a time of year notorious for making us feel overscheduled and stressed. Even if baked goods aren’t typically your restaurant’s specialty, the holiday season is a prime opportunity to put your existing resources to work to increase revenues. A prepackaged tin or box of cookies, brownies, muffins or assortment of baked goods is a gift for both the giver and the recipient.  At a time when customers are ready and willing to pay a premium for conveniences that reduce holiday pressure, odds are good that you already have many of the tools and equipment to add simple baked goods to your menu as profitable desserts and pre-packaged gifts. Here’s a checklist of our favorites that make prep, baking, transporting, packaging, and merchandising baked goods easier and more efficient during the holidays and beyond.  Prep Cambro Camwear Measuring Cups help employees measure quickly and accurately thanks to a clear cup with blue metric and red Am