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How to Buy Top E&S Brands on a Budget

Prices seem to be going up on everything, but the budget’s the budget, right? It’s easy to be tempted to invest in a lesser imitation to get by in the short term, but it’s not much of an investment if it needs to be replaced far sooner than it should. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to compromise quality for affordability? Sometimes you don’t. Check out these high-value options from some of the best brands in foodservice. Food Pans, Storage Containers, and Seal Covers by Cambro What they’re famous for: There’s a reason that the brand name Cambro is synonymous with food storage containers that last and last. Known for durability, visibility, and a tight seal that prolongs shelf life, Cambro Camwear food pans , storage containers , and seal covers are a staple for cold and ambient applications. They also do what metal can’t: prep, store, transport, and serve all in one pan. How to get these benefits for less: Like Camwear pans and food storage containers, Cambro Tran

3 Steps to Stop Summer Heat from Endangering Food

Hot weather has officially arrived! Great for summer fun, but not so great for summer food. Naturally, foodborne illness occurs most in the summer when outdoor dining and events are in full swing, and cold, refreshing foods are a menu staple. We all know about the importance of safe holding temperatures any time of year, but after months of cooler weather, most of us could use a refresher on how quickly hot summer weather can make good food turn bad. According to the USDA, bacteria grow fastest at temperatures from 90 to 110°F which makes summer weather the perfect breeding ground for food poisoning. recommends no longer than a 1-hour period of food sitting outside without an active cold source. That hour goes fast. How can you make sure the food you serve is kept safe at all times? An active cold source, whether electric or nonelectric, is a best practice to follow every step of the way, starting at receiving. 1. Refrigerate right away. Process food deliverie

Protecting Your Fresh Food Investment from Farm to Table

Consumers ate a LOT of frozen food in 2020. According to Supermarket News , frozen food sales in 2020 were up 21% in dollars and 13.3% in units over 2019. Packaged food sales also got a big boost (up to 87.5% the week of March 15, 2020) as fresh food supply chains felt the strain of the pandemic. Now that we’re on the other side, we’ve gained a whole new appreciation of fresh food and connection to our local communities, which sets the table for farm-to-fork concepts to thrive like never before. Whether you feature just a few farm-to-table menu items or an entire menu that is locally sourced, consumers are hungry for fresh, nutritious, flavorful food that helps support the local economy. Unlike foods that are picked before they are ripe so they can travel up to thousands of miles before consumption, locally grown produce is picked at its peak ripeness. This practice ensures the most flavorful and nutritious product, which is a good thing, but it can impact shelf life. Here are a

School’s In! FREE Virtual School Nutrition Conference June 16

Congratulations to all our friends in school foodservice! You made it through a school year that can’t even be put into words. You’ve given so much of yourself, now it’s time to get something back!   As a way of saying thank you for everything you’ve given your students and community, Cambro has put together a special free, virtual event just for you. School’s In! is kicking off on June 16, at 10:00 AM Central time. Chock-full of entertaining and expert speakers, it’s an event you won’t want to miss. Here are the top 5 reasons why you’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity: Get to experience Maureen G. Mulvaney’s keynote Let’s Create the New Normal . Maureen, also known as MGM, is the #1 rated school nutrition speaker, a top-rated motivational speaker, and best-selling author! Click here to learn more about Maureen and why you won’t want to miss her fun and inspiring presentation. Learn from industry experts about topics that impact your job success and satisfaction like com

Catering 2021 Style: Wedding Reception Trends to Embrace

After a year that postponed countless weddings, testing many marriages before they even began, weddings are finally back. Hooray! We looked to the experts at Catersource and Brides to get their take on catering and wedding trends nationwide as we all adapt to this new era. Traditions thankfully live on, but some of them look a little different, at least for now. According to the Catersource Wedding Forecast 2021 by Kathleen Stoehr and Brides’   50+ Pandemic Wedding Trends That Are Here to Stay for Good by Colleen Sullivan, the following are just a few of the pandemic trends that have emerged and are expected to continue: Smaller guest lists Elegantly plated and coursed meals with a higher cost per guest Greater formality with a focus on the guest experience Increase in outdoor venues Commitment to pandemic-era safety practices  Engaged couples will be looking for a caterer who can help them pull off a dream reception that is both safe and unforgettable for themselves and their cher