Is Your Walk-in Haunted?

 Is Your Walk-in Haunted?

You’re all alone in the walk-in, unusual this busy time of night. Ah, peace! A soft, rattling sound snaps you out of your moment of serenity. “Has it always done that?” you wonder. Tap, tap, tap, tap. Knock! “Not now,” you say to yourself, “probably just my imagination, anyway.”

You shake your head to clear your mind and reach up for what you came in for. Why does it have to be on the top shelf? You really want to step on the edge of the bottom shelf for a little boost, but you know it’s a bad idea. Someone’s done it, though. Many times. You can tell because the shelf edge is bent, the finish is chipped, and it’s starting to rust all in the exact same spot. “That can’t be good,” you think, as you grab what you were looking for, and the entire shelving unit starts to wobble and creak, even though you barely touched it. It’s a good thing that someone thought to tie the posts together and prop up the front of the bottom shelf with a heavy pan. Or is it?

The lights begin to flicker, adding to your sense of unease. You look behind you, but no one’s there. Ready to turn tail and run, you remember that you need to retrieve one other thing before returning to the kitchen, and then it hits you. “What is that smell?” you blurt out, eyes beginning to water. Knock, knock, KNOCK! Something’s definitely not right. The dread is creeping in fast. A chill runs up your spine, but not because it’s cold. It’s not cold enough! Not even close…

Whew! Thankfully, it’s just a scary Halloween story, but haunted or not, the idea of an entire walk-in’s worth of food going bad is the stuff of nightmares. With food making up about a third of the average foodservice operator’s costs, the walk-in cooler is essentially a cash vault. How do you protect your food investment and ward off evil episodes like the one described above?

It starts with a reliable walk-in cooler, followed by durable shelving that's easy to clean and designed to maximize space in your cooler without getting in the way of functional components such as the compressor. Flexible financing options and a large network of expert service technicians, like you'll find with Kolpak, are a must to help you get a walk-in you can count on to protect your food investment and your business for years to come.

Kolpak has been in business since 1969, so the company has a long history of leadership and success in the commercial refrigeration industry. From plug-and-play options such as Polar-Pak and KoldFront walk-ins to semi-custom EpiK Walk-Ins to custom solutions, Kolpak can save you money on the overall cost of ownership with a wide variety of efficient walk-in systems featuring the latest technologies and top-notch insulating capabilities.

The next step is choosing durable, hygienic shelving. Camshelving Premium Series by Cambro increases usable storage space, is easy to install, and is a snap to adjust. 

With a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, you won’t ever be haunted by the idea of wasting time and money to replace your shelving. Antimicrobial shelf plates are removable and can be either washed in a commercial dishwasher or wiped down by hand, making it easy to keep your walk-in clean and hygienic, even under the bottom shelf!

To help you get the most out of your storage space, Cambro offers a FREE Camshelving® Design Service (CDS). This proprietary design program delivers the most suitable and cost-effective shelving solution to efficiently allocate space, maximize operational flow, and solve organizational challenges. The result is a usable storage space that uses the least number of shelving units to help manage cost.

If it’s time to take a closer look at your cold storage, have no fear. We’ve been helping businesses just like yours store food safely—and save money doing it—for decades.  Click here to contact us.


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