Next Level Takeout

Up Your Takeout Game with Safety, Style, and Sustainability

Takeout and delivery will never take the place of a stellar on-premise dining experience, but it can’t hurt to add some extra touches to keep customers coming back and your staff feeling good about their work. Here are a few ideas and some timely new products to try.

Stylish Touches

One of the many joys of dining out is admiring attractive, creative meal presentation. A dash of flair on to go items will remind customers how dedicated your business is to creating a wonderful dining experience, both on and off-premise. Use Tablecraft Bamboo Knot Picks on sandwiches and wraps to keep them pulled together and looking good all the way to the table. Tablecraft squeeze bottles filled with signature sauces and colorful Mercer Millenia knives encourage staff to flex their creative muscles while giving customers a meal that feels special, even if it is being enjoyed on their living room couch.

Safety They Can See

Today’s consumers are savvy, and their interest in safety is understandably at an all-time high. Make the safety measures you’re taking highly visible to those who pick up and receive orders from your business. A heated shelving unit like Hatco’s Glo-Ray 2-Go™ GRS2G can hold bags and boxes up to 30 minutes at temperatures up to 200°F. Ideal for pick-up, third-party delivery, or any “food to-go” situation, they are available in configurations ranging from two to five shelves.

StaySafe Tamper Evident Labels from Cambro will make your commitment to safety loud and clear. When a customer receives their order and sees each to-go container is sealed with a Tamper Evident Label, they can feel confident that their food was packed and kept safe during transit. Delivery drivers will also get the message to keep out. Labels are compatible with clam shell containers, lidded food and beverage containers, aluminum food pans, and pizza boxes.

Steps Toward Greater Sustainability

Pack up your house beverages to-go with TableCraft’s new Plastic Beverage Pouches, a fun and more environmentally friendly alternative to Styrofoam cups. Your signature beverages can live on in your customers’ homes and remind them of what they can look forward to when they return to your establishment. Since pouches seal, they also work well to transport food items or take away meal kit ingredients. Translucent polyethylene pouch design opens so you can stand it up to make filling and prepping simple and easy. Once emptied, pouches return to their flattened position to take up less space in the recycle bin. Tablecraft offers a wide selection of biodegradable paper straws to add even more personality and portability to cocktails and mocktails alike.

Worried about the expense, storage space, and the waste of disposable takeout containers? So are we, so we found a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative, the OZZI System. OZZI© is a revolutionary system that eliminates traditional disposable takeout containers with a complete family of products all made in the USA. Reusable O2GO containers are made with BPA free, FDA-approved material and are NSF listed, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe for hundreds of uses. O2GO has become the system of choice to support sustainability initiatives at a long list of noncommercial and commercial foodservice operations around the United States. If sustainability is high on your priority list, adopting the O2GO container system is an important step that we would be happy to help you set up or test.

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