Top Products to Fast-track Staff Training

Top Products to Fast-track Staff Training

Have you ever wondered if it's called “training” because it seems never-ending, much like waiting for a train to pass when you’re running late? In 2019, restaurant employee turnover averaged 75%. The reasons may have changed since then, but the challenge remains. With nearly 3 out of 4 foodservice employees turning over in a year, expertise is continually being lost—meaning that constant training is required to replace it and keep operations running smoothly.

Today, we are going to showcase smart products that give you the power to fast-track your green recruits into productive employees that can help your business continue to produce consistent results.

"Paint-by-Numbers" Recipe Prep

Remember paint by numbers? Now we have paint by numbers for the kitchen! What better way to achieve consistency than by listing the recipe on the side of the prep vessel? Here are a few examples of personalization that Cambro has added to various measuring cups and containers to customize them to specific customer needs.

The Camliter on the left uses symbols to make it quick and easy for even the newest employee to use the pre-set ratio of ingredients for a perfectly consistent end-product. What recipes come to mind from your menu?

Barista-Quality Coffee Drinks on Day One

Crem Unity is a fully automatic coffee machine that yields barista-quality drinks at the push of a button, which is ideal for quick staff onboarding while supporting increased specialty beverage revenue. Unity has a user interface that is simple and easy to use with a choice of a 7" or 10" touchscreen that enables you to customize your own drinks or choose from a variety of pre-programmed coffee favorites. Unity’s coffee menu comes with a wide range of taste-optimized recipes, everything from a powerful espresso to a perfectly rounded filter coffee. Watch a demonstration here.

Quick to Learn, Quick to Cook

The Merrychef eikon® e1s is a compact and stylish high-speed oven that gets new employees producing consistent results in record time. A single counter-top appliance, this oven is styled for front-of-house and programmed to produce high quality results for every order, with a simple touch of an icon. The easytouch® icons allow lesser-skilled staff to produce professional quality results while minimizing training time and overcoming any language barriers. The Merrychef eikon e1s comes pre-programmed with menus ranging from paninis and French fries to pies. Ideal to rapidly cook, toast, and bake a wide choice of dishes from both fresh and frozen foods, the e1s cooks up to 10x faster than a conventional oven—and it’s ventless! See how it works here.

If frequent training is slowing you down, contact us. We can help you accelerate the return on your employee investment with higher productivity and a consistent product.


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