Cut Takeout Packaging Costs Over 90%

Cut Takeout Packaging Costs Over 90%

Disposable clamshell containers were everywhere in 2020—not just restaurants. From K-12 schools to healthcare, universities, correctional facilities, and beyond, they met the urgent need to make meals portable and protected. As time goes by, what began as a short-term solution is now taking a toll of its own, eating up tight budgets and filling up dumpsters. One school district recently reported to the School Nutrition Association that their grab-and-go meal service has already cost $22,000 in packaging materials alone since school started in August.

Sound familiar? If your operation is getting overwhelmed by the cost and waste of disposable containers, you do have options. Reusable containers such as the O2GO
® system by OZZI are a sustainable alternative that eliminates traditional disposable takeout containers by doing everything disposables can plus a few things they can’t. Like disposables, O2GO containers come in popular takeout container sizes with or without inner compartments. A latch on the front keeps them closed. That’s where the similarity to disposables ends.

Microwave and dishwasher safe for hundreds of uses, one single O2GO container takes the place of 300 disposables! NSF listed for hygiene and dishwasher safe, they are made of FDA-approved material in the USA. These great-looking green containers also stack neatly without crushing or opening by accident, keeping meals appetizingly intact and transporters tidy. Can’t say that about disposables!

When it comes to retrieving, washing, and storing used containers, you don’t have to figure it out for yourself. OZZI has developed a simple, hygienic system to help your staff adapt your operation to sustainable O2GO containers.

This system of optional insulated transport carts, collection and retrieval carts, and warewashing and drying racks includes equipment made by OZZI and Cambro, a favorite brand you probably already have a lot of in your kitchen. As an example, O2GO containers fit in insulated Cam GoBag
® delivery bags, insulated transport carts like the Cambro Pro Cart Ultra®, and 9x9 Camrack® peg racks for washing, so odds are you already have some of this equipment on hand.

How does the cost of reusables compare to what you’re spending now? Case studies conducted by OZZI have shown that an investment of less than $5.00 for one O2GO reusable container can save up to $88.40 in disposables. That’s not counting your savings on waste collection and hauling of all those single-use disposable containers. Click here to see a quick calculation of how much you can save.

If you’re eager to put a stop to the waste, we can help you customize and scale an O2GO system to fit your operation and your budget. Contact us.


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