Make Merry Margins with the Right Bartending Tools

Bartending Tools for Making Merry Margins

2020 is coming to an end. Whew! We’ve all been shaken and stirred most of the year, so now it’s time to pour some joy as we prepare to toast the arrival of a New Year that brings more hope and promise than any we can remember. It’s also a prime time to generate some much-needed revenue since alcohol profit margins average 75-80%, skewing toward the higher side when cocktails are included in the mix.  

Whether you’re able to serve on premise or are limited to takeout and delivery business, relaxed liquor laws, professional-grade bartending tools, and ingenious packaging solutions are making it possible to keep high-margin cocktails flowing. Do you have the tools you need to take advantage of the record-high demand through the holidays and beyond?

Measuring: The Jigger

Accurate measurements are essential for each cocktail to taste exactly as designed and the same every time. They’re also key to controlling pour costs and preserving profit margins. Enter the jigger. Barfly jiggers come in a wide variety of styles, gorgeous finishes, and volumes to suit your style, bartender preference, and cocktail recipes.

Quality: The Shaker and Strainer

The right tools help cocktails taste as good as they look and live up to a premium price tag. A staple of every mixologist, the shaker chills, mixes, and dilutes a cocktail by agitating juice, cream, or other opaque or cloudy ingredients with liquor and ice. Shaking also works to mix, aerate, and emulsify ingredients of cocktails with a smooth or creamy texture. Barfly shakers and tins are made to fit together perfectly and release easily. Available in a variety of elegant finishes to complement your style, from stainless steel to antique copper and gun metal black, they make for an impressive front-of-house statement and bartenders who feel valued.

Once the cocktail has been shaken, coordinating Barfly cocktail strainers fit atop the shaker or mixing glass to strain out ice and any other solids you don’t want in the finished drink. The result is a smooth cocktail with the consistency, flavor, and texture your customers love and expect from a premium-priced cocktail.

Cocktails to Go

Many states have relaxed laws to allow sale of alcohol for off premise consumption during the pandemic. If your state’s laws permit it, you’ll want to check out TableCraft’s line of translucent, sealable pouches to showcase and protect your customers’ favorite cocktails.

Whether you’re looking to fill in gaps in your bartending equipment or need to get a full, coordinating mixology set with everything from shakers to jiggers to muddlers and stirrers, contact us. We can get you connected with the tools you need fast.


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