A Toast for the New Year

A Toast for the New Year

Happy New Year! Please join us for a toast to a healthy and prosperous year ahead. Not the bubbly kind that can give us a headache, but the warm and toasty kind that helps soothe our souls and energizes us to face the day. Today, we salute toast for that very reason. To start with a small slice of history, did you know that toast was invented by ancient Egyptians and adopted by the Romans in 500BC to prolong the shelf life of bread?

Toast has come a long way since its original role of mold-prevention to becoming a staple at breakfast and beyond, either as a simple side or a base for the center-of-plate star of the show. Whether you’re cranking out mass quantities for dry or butter and jam-slathered consumption in a noncommercial setting, serving peanut butter and banana toast at a family restaurant, or crafting an avocado toast masterpiece on artisanal bread in a bistro, the right toaster helps you get the job done to mouth-watering perfection. The wrong one will get it done to eye-watering, nose-crinkling disappointment that can clear a room. So how do you find a toaster you can trust?

We looked to Foodservice Equipment and Supplies’ long-running Best-in-Class Awards, and one name popped up (pun intended) year after year as foodservice operators’ top choice in commercial toasters: Hatco. Whatever your toasting needs may be, Hatco's conveyor and pop-up toasters make great-looking toast, and a lot of it. With a variety of finish options to choose from, you’ll find a model and style that’s right at home with your equipment and decor, front or back of house.

The Portable Pop-up

Perfect for lighter-volume applications, Hatco pop-up toasters are economical, fast, dependable, and portable. The familiar pop-up styling will also make them ideal for self-serve use when the time comes. Four extra wide, 1.25" thick slots fit and evenly toast a wide variety of sliced breads, bagels, Texas toast, English muffins, and waffles. Individual progressive color controls make it easy to dial the browning up or down for each item toasted. Durable stainless steel housing and a removable crumb tray make it easy to clean.

High Production Conveyor Models

Do you have a need for speed? If your first question is “How many slices can it toast in an hour,” conveyor toasters offer continuous toasting and speed that result in high production. Hatco's TQ3-500 Toast-Qwik® Commercial Conveyor Toaster, along with all Hatco conveyor models, are specially designed to accelerate the toasting operation with a heating chamber inside to guarantee rapid and thorough toasting to achieve the desired shade. User-friendly touchscreen panel with advanced controls supports up to 12 settings for different bread products and ensures consistently uniform toasting, delivering up to 500 slices per hour.

Maximum Production Vertical Conveyor

If 500 slices per hour doesn’t cut it, the Toast King Vertical Commercial Toaster elevates toast production to the highest level, hence the name “Toast King”. With the capacity to dependably toast between 720 and 1,500 slices of a variety of bread products per hour, it heats up fast to provide uniform toasting that’s controlled by conveyor speed rather than temperature. With a three-basket access for fast loading and top venting to keep heat away from the operator, it helps keep staff comfortable, safe, and productive.

If toasting is your jam, contact us for help getting set up with the perfect Hatco toaster.


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