Introducing the Wood Stone Start-up Stone Hearth Oven Package

Looking for ways to reboot and future-proof your business, get into the pizza market, or simply step up your pizza game? We have great news for you!

Wood Stone is offering a new stone hearth oven “Start-Up Package” to get you up and running fast. This package is built around their famous Mt. Adams 5-RFG oven, which is the ideal size and capacity for casual dining, bars, pubs, and taverns. With 15 square feet of cooking surface, the Mt. Adams is the perfect artisan pizza oven and an excellent choice for medium to high production applications.

This package provides a convenient way to get a powerhouse oven with all the bells and whistles at one low price, but with some customization (color choice and custom flame guard) to fit your brand. You get a custom-feeling stone hearth oven that’s up-and-running quickly without the hassle, cost, and time of additional finish work while enjoying a faster return on investment.

Each Mt. Adams Start-up Package includes a 5-foot (5-RFG) oven, custom powder coat lagging and flame guard to match your branding, debris mantle for quick and easy clean-up, a medium tool set so you’ll have quality and right-sized tools for peak results from the start, and a stainless steel stand wrap.

There aren’t many foods that suit more occasions than pizza. An ever-popular choice, it’s a go-to for comfort, speed, simplicity, and affordability. Pre-game, post-game, lunch meetings, quick dinners, family celebrations, parties, after-parties…you name it. It’s a natural choice for nearly all of life’s highs and lows, so it's a safe bet for your menu.

If the Mt. Adams Start-up Package sounds like a natural choice for growing your business, contact us for more information.


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