Quick Guide to Foodservice Safety Shields

The TableCraft freestanding shield protects employees and patrons with a ¼" thick acrylic barrier that provides excellent clarity, cleanability, and durability.

It’s anyone’s guess when the need to create a physical barrier or social distance between people is going to go away. When the pandemic first began, ready-made options were hard to find. Hats off to all y’all who made your own! Over the past several months, foodservice equipment manufacturers have been busy developing products to promote safe distancing practices without compromising the customer experience.

Before you ditch that communal table or embark on a construction project to adapt to the new “normal”, clear safety shields offer a cost-effective option worth considering. Here’s a quick guide to the tailored, commercial-grade solutions now available to promote safety across all types of foodservice.

Countertop Shields

Countertop shields provide a transparent barrier to keep employees and patrons safely separated at point of sale counters, pick-up and take-out service, and host stations at foodservice operations and more. No-tool set-up makes installation of these commercial-grade shields quick and hassle-free.

  • Freestanding shield of ¼" acrylic provides excellent clarity, cleanability, and durability.
  • Available with or without pass-through window.
  • Acrylic feet slide on for quick installation; no extra hardware or assembly required.
  • May be easily moved to a variety of service locations.

  • CSFLEXM has a flexible arm that easily adjusts to the needed area and securely clamps to most surfaces.
  • CS3236SP model is made of thick acrylic and stands at a 55° angle.
  • CS3040P model (not pictured) is made of thick polycarbonate with a convenient pass-through window at the base of the shield and 14 gauge stainless steel feet.
  • Durable, lightweight, and more impact-resistant than glass.
  • Easily sanitized using non-abrasive cleaners.
  • No tools are required, allowing for easy assembly and installation.
  • The CS3040P shield can stand on its own and moved as needed, or the feet can be secured to the surface using mounting screw holes.

Tabletop Shields and Dividers

Whether you’re serving students or accommodating parties of one, these dividers help you maximize safety using the tables you already have.

TableCraft Safety Shield for Desk and Tabletop

This 3-panel, hinged desk and tabletop shield creates a simple and effective area of personal space.

TableCraft Cafeteria and Communal Table Shield

This ¼" thick acrylic shield system was designed to create a safety barrier between multiple patrons in communal and cafeteria seating areas.

  • Freestanding units are sized to fit most standard cafeteria tables (72" x 48" x 24").
  • Easy for two people to assemble.
  • Custom sizes are also available.

Space-Defining Shields

These shields provide an unobtrusive way to create a physical barrier between separate parties. They also add the benefit of increased privacy.

TableCraft Booth Safety Shields

Create a clear, physical safety barrier between customers seated back-to-back with booth seating dividers.

  • Sized to fit standard 48" deep booths.
  • Custom sizes are also available.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Minimal assembly required.

TableCraft Hanging Shield

When barriers are needed, but the area is not suitable for countertop applications, hanging shields are a great alternative solution. Shields come equipped with heavy gauge braided wire and hardware.

Mobile Cart Shields

Carts with built-in shields provide protection wherever you serve.

The Cambro CVC75 Vending Cart has clear, built-in barriers that add a layer of protection for your staff and those they serve, in addition to providing a stable surface for POS and staging meals plus storage for back stock. 

  • The cart is available with a 12" safety barrier and clear sneeze guard for protection against contamination.
  • Optional 12" and 6" merchandising shelves and safety barrier extenders are also available.

For help choosing the right shield for the application, available custom sizing options, or to find out where to buy, contact us


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